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Dave Gibson, Riverlife Productions

"I just wanted to send a quick email — I don’t expect this to be out of the ordinary, but I wanted to share something with Philippe.

By pretty much all accounts, I’m the average guy. But perhaps this is why I’m so struck by the effect Philippe’s piano playing has had on me. 

Clair de Lune has been my favourite song since I was about 13 years old. For a stretch of time I sought out any performance I could because none of them felt quite right. Until I discovered Philippe’s performance on The Essential Piano. That was when my search was over. Since that time (when I was perhaps 16 or 17 years old), I’ve listened to that track and the album countless times. Hearing his rendition of Clair de Lune has literally moved me to tears. Dozens and dozens of times over about 15 years. I’m not an emotionally fragile person, and there is no other song that shares this accomplishment — so it truly is an exceptional feat.

I’m now a 35 year old man. I'd been separated from the album for a few years and sought it out again.

When that song came on, I became immersed. It is absolute perfection. The perfect composition, the perfect performance. It just doesn’t seem possible. Perhaps it goes without saying, but I was moved to tears yet again. - Dave Gibson

I just wanted to let Philippe know that his contribution to this world is not simply as an entertainer. His work has had an exceptional impact on my life. It truly is a higher experience that transcends the day-to-day wanderings on this planet — one for which there are no words. It makes me feel the most human I’ve ever felt, and for that I want to thank him."

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